El Camino Real Charter High School
Assistant Principals Corner
About Us

Dean Bennett – Assistant Principal, Operations

Roles & Responsibilities

Athletics, ERP system, Instruction (Business/Technology, Science, Visual Performing Arts), Leasing/Permits, Physical Plant

Parents (and stakeholders) may contact Mr. Bennett about Athletics, the ERP system, Leasing/Permits, Physical Plant, Instruction related to classes/teachers in the areas of Business/Technology, Science, Visual Performing Art).


Assistant Principal, Student Support Services & Discipline

Roles & Responsibilities: Student Support Services, School Wide Testing, Discipline, and Instruction

Parents (and stakeholders) may contact Mrs. Treuhaft about Student Support Services for students with special needs, any school discipline issues, and Instruction related to Career/Vocational Education classes/teachers and World Language classes/teachers.


Lisa Ring – Assistant Principal, Alternative Education

Lisa Ring – AP

About Me:

I moved  to Los Angeles from Modesto to attend CSUN on a Gymnastic scholarship. That was 38 years ago!

I found the field of education through a variety of paths. My educational background includes: teaching physical education for special education populations, developing and implementing many district wide programs such as: workshops for at-risk students at the secondary level, Human Relation programs for adults, Drug, Tobacco and Violence awareness programs for many schools, along with coaching drill and dance teams for approximately ten years.

Awards include: “Achievement in Education”, “Programs for Student Diversity”, and  the Walk of Hearts. My passion is to think out of the box and provide education opportunities to those that need a different approach.

Why I love/chose El Camino:

Although, I enjoy working with students and staff on the main campus, I love running the Alternative Education and Independent Study programs. Being part of the process that allows students to graduate and begin their next journey is the joy of education. ECRCHS is the only school that embraces every child’s path for education.

My thoughts about education:

Education is the place to grow and learn about yourself and the world. It is the spring board to the future. I take the privileged of being part of our student’s future very seriously. No other job allows you to be part of such magic everyday.

My Favorite Quote:

If not us, who?

If not now, when?

My Hobbies:

I love to hang out with my 3 amazing children and my 3 dogs!

Also on my top list of favorite things to do are, travel, going to the movies and dinner with my friends.

Roles & Responsibilities: Alternative Education, EL/Title I Compliance, Instruction (Alt Ed, PE, ROTC, Health, College & Career Readiness)

Parents (and stakeholders) may contact Mrs. Ring about Alternative Education, Instruction related to Alt Ed classes/teachers, PE/ROTC/Health classes/teachers, and College and Career Readiness).


Sylvia Yi – Assistant Principal, Secondary Counseling Services

About Me

I never thought I would enter the field of education but after 15+ years, I have enjoyed every minute of working at ECR and working with students.  I received my BA in History, Teaching Credential in History at UC Irvine, and was working as a guidance counselor and college counselor until recently.

Why I love/chose El Camino
El Camino has always been a “home away from home” for me.  The group of teachers I work with has been like family.  The students who I work with on a day to day basis is what makes my job the most fun.
My Favorite Quote: 
Favorite quote:  Do or do not; there is no try.
My Hobbies:
 Travelling, spending time with family.  Family trips center around trying new restaurants and places to eat.
Roles & Responsibilities: College Office, Counseling/Guidance, Instruction (Social Studies), Master Schedule, and Summer School
Parents (and other stakeholders) may contact Mrs. Yi about the College Office, Counseling/Guidance, Instruction related to Social Studies classes and/or teachers, the Master Schedule and Summer School.

Minita Clark – Assistant Principal, Curriculum and Student Activities

About Me

I thought I was headed for law school, but at the last minute decided against it. I was a Professional English and Communications major in undergrad. Right after graduation, I was offered a job teaching English and the rest is history. I also have a Masters in English, Literacy Coach Endorsement and an Educational Specialist in Educational Leadership: K-12 School Administration. Additionally, I’m 2 courses (plus dissertation) away from getting my doctorate, but on a “hiatus” while we get settled in L.A..

Why I love/chose El Camino 

El Camino is like that “diamond in the rough”. There are such great students, staff, parents and programs here. Makes me consistently want to go above and beyond.  I want to do all I can so that we can be the best we can. El Camino Administrators have by far been the best administrative team I’ve ever worked with; we’re a very cohesive unit. It’s very important to the success of the school.

My Favorite Quote:

“To thine own self be true”

My Hobbies: 

Spending time with my children/family, Writing, Reading, Traveling, Listening to music, artwork, and I love water/nature (mountains, ponds, lakes, beaches, waterfalls, etc.)

Roles & Responsibilities: Instruction (English and Mathematics), Student Activities/Clubs, and EL/ESL Instruction

Parents (and other stakeholders) may contact Ms. Clark about Student Clubs and Organizations, Instruction related to English and Math classes and/or teachers, and Student Activities.