El Camino Real Charter High School
Alternative Education

Alternative Education

The Alternative Education and Intervention Program is housed on campus at the former Miguel Leonis Continuation High School site.


Lisa Ring: Administrator in Charge

Evan Coleman: Office Manager

David Chae, Gail Nettels, Linda Robbins, Jun Reichl, Sheryl Kolker : Teachers

(818) 888-7050

Alternative Education and Intervention Program

El Camino Real pledged to provide an appropriate and challenging educational program accessible to all students. Students identified for the personalized intervention setting will be expected to master the skills and content necessary for the success in colleges and careers. Courses offered are not set on a semester timeline. Each course is designed to allow students the flexibility to access the curriculum at their own pace. The instructional curriculum will have the flexibility to provide specific intervention catering to the needs of each student, throughout each course’s entirety. A self-paced format allows the teacher to slow down the curriculum at anytime throughout the course and address learning deficits. This approach allows students of all levels to demonstrate growth and mastery within the curriculum and be successful in grade appropriate classes that meet A-G requirements.

Independent Study

An independent study program will be offered to those students who are unable to attend school in the traditional five days a week format. It is designed for students with special interests and abilities, scheduling problems or individual needs that cannot be accommodated in the traditional school. All of the courses will be offered on-line as well as in person from our NCLB qualified teachers on campus. Students must meet all independent study eligibility requirements. Because this program offers rigorous, challenging courses, students must be able to work independently and have a desire to learn.

Click here for the Independent Study Program Handbook

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