El Camino Real Charter High School


Humanitas is a college preparatory program at ECRCHS for students who are interested in the social, political, and environmental issues that shape society. Humanitas connects three classes at each grade level (usually English, history, and science) that work together to build academic skills and make connections between the content areas.  Our award-winning project-based curriculum prepares students for success in college and beyond.

Key components of the Humanitas model:

Art Integration:  Humanitas is committed to the integration of the visual and performing arts as an essential tool to engage students and develop deeper understandings of course content.

Field Trips:  Humanitas is dedicated to extending learning beyond the classroom. Each year, Humanitas visits a variety of destinations, including: the Los Angeles Zoo; the Natural History Museum; the Grammy Museum, the Huntington Library; the House of Blues; and Underwood Family Farms.

Community Service:  Each year, students in our academy collectively volunteer over 6,000 hours of service in our local community.  Humanitas sponsors a wide variety of events, including Relay for Life, Coastal Cleanup Day, AIDS Walk, and ECRCHS Sustainability Events.   Students also write, record, and produce an annual benefit album that raises funds for a local charity..

Achievement:  In a recent study by Los Angeles Education Partnership, Humanitas students scored higher in every testable subject-area, had higher attendance and graduation rates, and were more likely to complete required college courses than their non-Humanitas peers.

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