El Camino Real Charter High School
College Admissions 101
College Admissions 101

Community Colleges

California State University (CSU)

  • Opened October 1-November 30
  • Straight forward application-students need to list your A-G classes.
  • SAT  or ACT required (no writing portion required)
  • No SAT Subject test
  • CSUs will “superscore” your SAT or ACT scores
  • No essay required
  • No extracurricular activities are listed
  • Students send transcripts only if the school is asking for it
  • Student must check their portals daily for communication from the different schools
  • English and Math placement tests are required
  • Check www.csumentor.edu for the application

University of California (UC)

  • Opened August 1-November 30; cannot submit until November 1-30.
  • More comprehensive application
  • Student must list all A-G classes
  • Extracurricular activities and awards must be listed.
  • SAT with Writing or ACT with Writing required
    • Students can take up to the December tests
    • Scores are not superscored
  • SAT Subject Tests are recommended for some majors but not required
  • Students will only send official transcripts if the schools are asking for it
  • Students must check their portals everyday for communications from the UC schools
  • Personal Insight Questions required
  • Check admissions.universityofcalifornia.edu

Private & Out-of-State Universities/Colleges

Private and Out-of-State Universities
  • Common Application is opened August 1
  • Application deadline varies
  • More comprehensive application
  • Students must list senior schedule, activities, and awards
  • Students need to list extracurricular activities
  • Letter of recommendation is required by college counselors and at least two academic teachers
  • School Report and Mid-year reports are required (official transcripts and recommendations are included) and completed by the college counselor
  • SAT or ACT with Writing and SAT Subject Tests are usually required. Students must check the specific requirements for each school
  • Applications usually have several essays- Supplemental essays
  • Apply on  www.commonapp.org
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