El Camino Real Charter High School

What is engineering?

It’s a way of thinking. It’s problem solving. It’s applied science. This 2 minute video provides the perspectives of various students at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) explaining what engineering is to them and why they chose to pursue this field.

Numerous fields exist within the broader discipline of engineering. NACME, the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, lists the following types of engineering:

  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural and Biological
  • Audio
  • Bioengineering and Biochemical
  • Biomedical
  • Ceramic and materials
  • Civil
  • Computer
  • Electrical
  • Environmental
  • Industrial/ Manufacturing
  • Marine and Ocean
  • Mechanical
  • Mining
  • Nuclear
  • Petroleum

Engineering Your Future defines the field as “the process of envisioning, inventing, creating and building the world around us.

They include the following fields, in addition to the ones listed by NACME, with several overlapping.

  • Aeronautical
  • Chemical
  • Sustainability Design
  • Systems
  • Biomechanical
  • Photonics
  • Computer software
  • Computer hardware
  • Mineral

If you’re interested in engineering, the courses you take at ECRCHS can have an impact on your future success as an engineer:

Grade 9

  1. Algebra I or Geometry
  2. English 9AB
  3. Honors Biology

Grade 10

  1. Geometry or Algebra II
  2. English 10AB
  3. Biology or Chemistry

Grade 11

  1. Algebra II or Math Analysis
  2. American Lit/Contemporary Composition (or equivalent)
  3. Physics or Chemistry

Grade 12

  1. Statistics or Calculus
  2. Expository Composition and Modern Literature (or equivalent)
  3. Physics or Chemistry

Additionally, participating in the Robotics Club and design courses can help sharpen your engineering skills.

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