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SAT/ACT Test Prep at ECR
SAT/ACT Test Prep at ECR

Test Prep at ECR


SAT or ACT test?  Which one do I take?


Mock exams are a good way for students to discover if they might do better on the SAT or the ACT. Colleges will take either the SAT or ACT scores. Your job is to discover which one you will do better in and the best way to do it is by mock exams.


The College Office sponsors different mock exams during the spring semester for $10 per test.

Sign up online at http://store.triedandtruetutoring.com/collections/mock-tests

Mock SAT:

Feb 11, Saturday        9am – 1pm in S2

April 8, Saturday        9am – 1pm in S2


Mock ACT:

March 11, Saturday    9am – 1pm in S2

May 6, Saturday         9am – 1pm in S2


FAQ about SAT and ACT


How many times can I take the SAT or ACT?

  • You can take the SAT or ACT as many times as you want. BUT generally students’ scores do not go up much higher after three tests.

What is a “good” SAT or ACT score?

  • There is no right answer for this question because it depends on the school you are applying to.  You can use the Naviance program to see how you compare to students who got into a particular school to see what kind of score the colleges may want.

Should I take both the SAT and the ACT?

  • One test is not better than the other.  Taking both tests does not “look” better.  You  should take mock exams to see which test you do better on but you don’t have to take both and submit both scores since  the colleges will take test that you did better on.

What does it mean when a college superscore?

  • Superscoring means that the colleges will “mix and match” scores from multiple sittings.  But not all colleges superscores.  CSU’s will superscore but UCs will not. Check with the school to see if they superscore.

Must I report all scores to the colleges?

  • Colleges for the most part request all your scores to be sent to them.

How do I send my scores to colleges?

  • You must log back into the ACT account or the College Board account and get it sent directly from them to the colleges you applied to.  Please check “how to send scores” to know how to send them specifically for UC and CSU schools.

I took both the ACT and the SAT test.  How do I find out which test I did better on?

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