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Private/Out of State Schools
Private/Out of State Schools


Different Admission Option: There are different admission options. Which one is best for you?
Recommendation Packet ( Class of 2017)- The “brag sheet” must be filled out by the students for a school report.
Tips for the Common Application Application deadlines vary for private/independent and out-of-state schools, so please check their website.

Common Application

The Common Application is a uniform college application that has over 500 members (colleges and universities) whereby a student can apply to colleges.
Common Application Members
  • The list of colleges or universities that are members of the Common Application.  If the college you want to apply to is on this list, you will apply through the Common Application
  • Common Application Requirements and Deadlines:

AICCU: Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities

Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities Website

List of private/independent colleges in California.

WUE: Western Undergraduate Exchange

Residents of the WICHE states may be eligible to get reduced tuition rates at participating institutions outside of their home state. To get the most recent and up-to-date information about WUE admissions, you must contact the colleges you are interested in and talk to someone in charge of the WUE admissions.  You may need to file a different application.

Co-Op Colleges:

Co-Op Colleges require or encourage students to apply what they’re learning in the classroom out in the real world – through closely supervised internships or practicums, or through cooperative education


How do I know I need a recommendation?

  • You do not need a recommendation for the UC and CSU schools. If you are applying through Common Application, you will need a counselor’s recommendation. If you are applying to private or out-of-state schools, you may need a recommendation. You can check the individual college website to see if a recommendation is needed.

Do I have to fill out a recommendation packet?

  • If you need any recommendation for college, you will need to fill out a recommendation packet for the college counselors.  The packet is used to get to know you more.

What is included in the school report?

  • The school report includes your high school GPA (ECR GPA), class rank, a transcript, a rating system and a letter of recommendation from the counselor.

Can a school report be submitted without a recommendation?

  • Yes, technically it can be submitted without a recommendation. But it is to your advantage to have a recommendation included in the school report.

Which college counselors will write my recommendation?

  • Ms. Diana Yerevanian will do recommendations for students with last names A-L. Mrs. Sylvia Yi will do recommendations for students with last names M-Z.

Can I ask my guidance counselor to submit a recommendation?

  • You can ask your guidance counselor and it is up to the counselor to say yes or no. But the college counselors are here to guide you through the entire college application process so they are certainly available to do your recommendation.

Can someone else (outside private college counselor) complete the school report?

  • No, they cannot do the recommendation/school report. It must be someone from El Camino. This is the reason why it is important for you to get to know the college counselors so that when they have to write your recommendation, they know you thoroughly to write you a good and relevant recommendation.

Do I need a teachers’ recommendation?

  • You may need at least two additional teacher’s recommendations. So, ask your teachers early. Check the college website to see how many you need. Schools prefer 11th grade teachers.

Do I need to do an interview with the college counselor?

  • You don’t have to have an interview, but it is to your advantage to schedule one with the college counselors so that they can get to know you better. If a packet is turned after the last due date, you may not receive an interview time. But the school report and the recommendation will still be written for you using the information from the recommendation packet.

Does the packet need to be complete to schedule an interview?

  • Yes, it must be completed and everything must be there to schedule an interview. Please use the checklist in the packet to ensure that the packet is complete.  Remember to get the proofs. They need to be included in the packet.

The deadline to submit a recommendation packet has past, but I changed my mind and now want to apply to private schools.  What do I do?

  • Please talk to the college counselors. A school report may or may not submitted on time. It depends and the circumstances. But please remember that they are not available during the winter break to write recommendations. Even if the college counselor can do the recommendation last minute, you will have to arrange teachers’ recommendations to be submitted on time.

The colleges I applied to is asking me to send a mid-year report?  How do I do that?

  • The mid year report is basically your 7th semester transcript (senior year grades). If Ms. Yerevanian or Mrs. Yi did your school report through Common App or SENDedu, they will be automatically uploaded sometime at the end of January. So, you do not need to send a transcript. If no recommendations were needed by them and you still need a mid-year report, see either Mrs. Yi or Mr. Yerevanian and they can help you sort it out.

Recommendation Packet:

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