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College Planning checklist for Seniors from ACT
12th Grade College Preparation Checklist from Federal Student Aid
When to take the exam by College Board

Seniors who are waitlisted for UC schools

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SIR Deposit for UC School

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12th Grade College Planning Timeline


Senior January/February “To-Do” List

  • Remember to check your email and create your portal accounts. Your colleges will communicate with you through your portals.
  • If you got a D or an F during your fall semester, it is important for you to notify the colleges you applied to.  Please reconsider changing your classes (dropping classes) because you will also have to also report those to your schools.
  • Send your SAT or ACT scores.  Schools have deadlines. Do not wait to the last minute.  Even if you pay extra and rush order your scores, it may not still get to your colleges in time.  Take care of it today.
  • Pierce applications are opened: go to http://www.laccd.edu/Students/opencccapply/applylapc/Pages/default.aspx Please do not wait to apply.  We have assessments days already set up in the college office sometime in February. But you will have to apply first in order to sign up for the placement tests.
  • Many of you applied to CSUs.  You must check to see if you have to take the ELM or EPT tests.  Here is the information about the CSU placement test.  You may be exempt from taking the test. Check the information to see if you are. There are deadlines (last days you can take the test) so make sure you take care of it.
  • Here’s some information on how to understand your EAP scores http://www.csusuccess.org/caaspp
  • Mid year reports or anyone do completed the common application will be uploaded at the end of January.  Be patient.
  • Seniors who took classes outside of ECR must turn in any official transcripts to your counselor by January 27, 2017

If you added or dropped A-G or AP courses, or received any D or F grades in A-G or AP courses, you need to contact the individual campuses to submit the information for consideration. Below are the instructions for each UC campus:

Berkeley – Freshman applicants should submit changes thru MAP@Berkeley.

Davis – Freshman applicants should submit changes thru MyAdmissions.

Irvine – Freshman applicants should submit changes thru MyAdmission and Message Center.

Los Angeles – Freshman applicants should use this form to submit changes.

Merced – Freshman applicants should submit changes thru myUCMerced.

Riverside – Freshman applicants should submit changes thru MyUCR.

San Diego – Freshman applicants should submit changes thru MyApplication.

Santa Barbara – Freshman applicants should submit changes thru Application Status.

Santa Cruz – Freshman applicants should submit changes thru MyUCSC.

You should do this soon.

If you applied to CSU schools or any other schools, you will need to do the same and notify each school you applied to if there were any changes in your reported schedule.  You would usually email their admissions office. Confirm that they have received your email.  If you decide to call, please remember to document the call: time, date, person you spoke to, and the content of the conversation.


Key Information

  • We have a Pierce rep coming every week (Tuesday and Friday). Usually Pierce applications open in October. Make sure to visit the college office, update your Naviance information in order to get messages about their visit
  • Please make sure your address on file at school is correct.  Your CAL GRANT GPA will be uploaded electronically and we need your current address.  It will cause delay if we do  not have it.

How to order Transcripts:

Please review the transcript ordering policy in the Registrar/Transcript Office and the College office before you order any transcript.  You may not need to order them for some of your schools.

Do not send official transcripts unless a college is requesting it.  If they are, please to to the transcript office and order it to be sent.  $3 per transcript/cash.

College Counselors will upload the mid year reports February for any students who completed an application on the Common App.  You will not need to send transcripts.




Mid-year reports: I’m getting messages that I have to send a mid-year report (7th semester transcripts).  What do I do?

The college counselors (Ms. Y and Ms. B) will upload your mid year reports automatically through the Common Application and SENDedu  when the second semester class rank and GPA are available about the end of January.  You will not have to send in a form.  If you did not use these sites, please see your college counselor to make arrangements.

I’m dropping a class but I already reported it to the colleges, what do I do?  I failed a class, do I have to report it?
Colleges want to know the changes you have made after you submitted your applications, including information about a D or an F grade.  You need to submit that information to the colleges, usually by email or mail.  Each school may have different methods so check their website first and ask how they would like that information.

Who signs my Cal Grant form?
You Cal Grant GPA has already been submitted electronically so you do not need to send in the form. All you have to do is file the FAFSA.

Connect with the College Office

  • Twitter @ECRcollege  or  Facebook “ like” ECR Charter College Office
  • Website:  www.ecrchs.net go to the College Office tab
  • Naviance Family Connection: You can access the Family Connection directly from www.ecrchs.net under the College Office tab.
    • Username (says “email” on log in screen): Your student ID number located beneath the barcode on a student ID card
    • Password: Your 8 digit birthday, no slashes  (i.e. June 7th, 2000 =  06072000)



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