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2016-2017 Board Members

Jonathan Wasser – Board Chair/Teacher Representative (j.wasser@ecrchs.net)

Scott Silverstein – Board Member/Teacher Representative (s.silverstein@ecrchs.net)

Steven Kofahl – Board Member/Teacher Representative (s.kofahl@ecrchs.net)

Steve Cohen – Board Member/Parent Representative (s.cohen@ecrchs.net)

Julie Kornack – Board Member/Community Representative (j.kornack@ecrchs.net)

Darin Ryburn – Board Member/Community Representative (d.ryburn@ecrchs.net)

Beatriz Chen – Board Member/Community Representative (b.chen@ecrchs.net)

Diane Wynne – Board Member/Classified Representative (d.wynne@ecrchs.net)


Jonathan Wasser, Board Chair/Teacher Representative (j.wasser@ecrchs.net), served as a special education resource teacher for eleven years and was the Department Chair for seven years at El Camino Real Charter High School. He served on many school committees including Special Needs Compliance, Technology, and Curriculum. He earned his BA in Political Science at California Lutheran University and graduated from California State Dominguez Hills with a MA in Behavioral Science, with specialization in negotiations and conflict management. Jonathan also holds a MS in Special Education, along with a valid California Teaching Credential.   Furthermore, he served as  a volunteer Assistant Coach for ECRCHS’ Cross Country and Track teams for four years.  He also has participated as a coach/runner/sponsor for many charitable running events for the LGBT Community, various cancer survivors’ fundraisers, and other charitable causes.

Jonathan is a former El Camino Real High School Student himself, one who was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and other related learning disabilities; he was labeled  “educationally handicapped” and was placed in a special day class at Lockhurst Elementary in first grade. Jonathan struggled at El Camino Real High School and dropped out during his senior year, returning to finish high school at Miguel Leonis Continuation School.  Because of his personal experiences, his belief is that no child should ever be left behind and that high expectations apply to all students, regardless of their abilities.


Scott Silverstein, Board Secretary/Teacher Representative (s.silverstein@ecrchs.net),  Having served as an elected member of the Woodland Hills-Warner Center Neighborhood Council for 13 years, and its Chairman for the last 5 years, he has had the extensive hands-on training and education required to be a member of a successful board. Fully appreciating the importance of being entrusted with the public’s money, he strongly believes in transparent, open, and documented meetings and protocols. Scott also serves on the Board of Directors of the Child Development Institute, a non-profit organization that provides services to developmentally challenged children and their families. As a board-member he is directly involved in its operations and expansion with the creation of the Early Learning Center in Canoga Park and other locations currently in development. A founding member and past board member of a successful commercial real estate brokerage that has served the business community of Los Angeles, he understands the nuances of starting a business and creating and implementing a long term strategic plan. He will use his 31 years of experience as a professional negotiator to successfully forward the mission of ECRCHS. Scott relocated from New York after attending Nassau Community College. He is married to a veteran LAUSD elementary school teacher from a neighborhood school that feeds into ECRCHS. He is a staunch supporter of teachers and believes they are the engines for a successful future. He is a neighbor and supporter of El Camino Real Charter High School. As a stakeholder of Woodland Hills and the City of Los Angeles, he firmly believes that if you want something done, then get involved and make it happen. He is the father of two daughters, one of them a graduate of ECRCHS. In his limited spare time, he likes to spend it as a soccer referee, boating, and traveling.


Steve Kofahl, Board Member/Teacher Representative (s.kofahl@ecrchs.net)


Steve Cohen, Board Member/Parent Representative (s.cohen@ecrchs.net): “I am honored to serve the parents of the students that attend ECRCHS. I am a proud alumni having graduated in 1978. My son was active in JRROTC and graduated in 2012. I am also proud to say that I still live in the area, just a stones’ throw from the school. I have been owner and CEO of West Hills Pizza Company for the past five years and I believe that the experience of running a retail establishment along with running a staff of employees will be of great help while serving on the board. It is important to be level headed and think things through before making decisions that will affect thousands of students. I promise if elected I will always be fair, open minded and in the end make the decisions and recommendations that will serve our young adults that attend ECRCHS.

ECRCHS is not only the best high school in the area, it is also one of the best high schools in the nation. The foundation that was laid during the past number of years is solid and I believe it is the board’s responsibility to continue to build upon that foundation so that the school can continue to flourish. I also am a strong believer in transparency. The board is not a secret club. It is there to serve the parents and students that attend ECRCHS.

We are ECR!!”

Julie Kornack, Board Member/Community Representative (j.kornack@ecrchs.net), is the director of public policy for the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, the world’s largest provider of autism treatment services. She has lived in West Hills for over 20 years and has three children who attended El Camino Real Charter High School from 2004-2013. Ms. Kornack is committed to ensuring that students and their families have a voice in the governing decisions of the ECRCHS Board. Ms. Kornack recognizes the importance of individualizing student services and supports in order to provide every student with the opportunity to succeed and graduate from ECRCHS with the knowledge, strength of character, and self-confidence to fulfill his/her potential.

Ms. Kornack has worked extensively on policy issues that affect people with disabilities, including projects that address the needs of people with mental health challenges, developmental disabilities, and physical impairments. She understands the accessibility challenges of people with disabilities, as well as the school’s role in ensuring access to a Free Appropriate Public Education. People with disabilities are our nation’s largest minority group, and Ms. Kornack is dedicated to supporting the ongoing ECRCHS effort to ensure that (1) all students have access to a great education and (2) ECRCHS secures sufficient funding to create an inclusive environment.

Ms. Kornack has wide-ranging experience working with students on their college applications and hopes to use that experience to position ECRCHS students to be even more competitive in the college admissions process. Additionally, Ms. Kornack spent 15 years writing grants for various schools and nonprofits, including Welby Way Elementary School and ECRCHS, and she welcomes the opportunity to contribute to future ECRCHS grant proposals.


Darin Ryburn, Board Member/Community Representative (d.ryburn@ecrchs.net), recently retired after serving nearly 29 years as a police officer for the City of Burbank. In a variety of roles throughout his career, he has been highly active in the community and schools of Burbank striving for positive relationships between the citizens and police department. In his last three years, he was the official spokesperson for the police department having daily interaction with all media outlets. Darin earned his BA in Organizational Leadership at California State Long Beach and graduated from Woodbury University earning his MA in Organizational Leadership.

A lifelong resident of the San Fernando Valley, Darin has volunteered as a coach for both of his children in organized sports. He continues to volunteer with his church, providing direction and support for the annual Fall Festival, which brings the church and community together during the three-day event. As a graduate of El Camino Real High School, he is a strong supporter of maintaining local control of our schools and transparency to all of the affected stakeholders. Darin is focused on enhancing and increasing the benefits of our charter school and maintaining the strong bond between the community and school, which ultimately benefits the students.


Beatriz Chen, Board Member/Community Representative (b.chen@ecrchs.net), is a 2002 ECR alumni.  Ms. Chen soon after spent the next 10 years as a legal assistant while attending college and law school, passing the California State Bar in 2012.  Ms. Chen is currently a family law attorney in the San Fernando Valley.  During her career, she has worked as a mediator in the Ventura County superior court, has provided legal services at the Free Clinic of Simi Valley, and continues to provide pro bono services in custody cases.  In the last couple of years, she has focused her efforts primarily on cases involving undocumented children, helping them work towards obtaining the necessary immigration status to continue receiving an education here in the United States. 

Ms. Chen was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley.  After graduating from El Camino Real High School, she attended Pierce College before transferring to UCLA.  Ms. Chen graduated from UCLA with a degree in Political Science before attending the Ventura College of Law.  Ms. Chen has focused on working with her community throughout her life, and has dedicated her efforts in providing necessary legal services pro bono and to low income families. 


Diane Wynne, Board Member/Classified Representative (d.wynne@ecrchs.net), retired from ECR in June 2015 after 25 years as an assistant in special education. She was very active on the LEARN Council and several committees. Mrs. Wynne also has past experience with various PTSA positions, starting at Calvert Elementary and concluding as PTSA President at Parkman Middle School. Prior to her experience in education, Mrs. Wynne worked for 15 years at Security Pacific National Bank in positions including Statement Clerk, Teller, Chief Teller, Head of the Note Department, and New Accounts. She currently works as an ACT Coordinator. She is excited to represent the classified employees and believes every student should receive a great public education and all employees should enjoy a secure and peaceful work environment.



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