El Camino Real Charter High School


Use this page to easily access commonly used school forms.



  • Absence / Early Leave: To obtain an absence or early leave form, please visit: attendance.schoolriver.com. Please have your student ID number ready. Your ID number is printed beneath the barcode on your student ID card.
  • Emergency Information Form: At the beginning of each school year, students are requested to fill out this form.  Coaches also need this form for tryouts.  Parents: remember that the school can only release students to people listed on the emergency form.


  • Class Placement Waiver:  If you wish to take a different class or level than is recommended by your counselor, you must read and complete this form.
  • Dropping an Academic Class Form:  If you wish to drop an academic class, you must complete this form.
  • Physical Education Policies and Forms:  For information on PE policies and waivers for temporary or permanent medical exemptions, please use these forms.

Note:  You must have a conversation with your counselor before turning in any of the above forms.  Completing a form does not guarantee that your request will be granted.


  • Transcript Request: Use this form to request official school transcripts. (See Transcripts page under the Academics tab for more information)
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