El Camino Real Charter High School
Great California ShakeOut
Great California ShakeOut

El Camino participated in the Great California ShakeOut. Students and staff evacuated to the stadium, which is our emergency assembly area. The search and rescue teams, request gate team, and reunion gate team practiced their duties as well.  This drill lasted about 35 minutes.

In the event of a real emergency in which students have been evacuated, parents will be able to pick up their students by going to the request gate on Valley Circle Blvd. They will then go to the reunion gate on Burbank Blvd. where their child will be delivered to them. The school has emergency supplies located in several shipping containers on the football field and follows LAUSD Safe School Plan procedures. All classrooms have a lockdown kit and have emergency evacuation routes posted next to the door.

Finally, during an actual emergency, we will communicate with parents through the phone system, through the website, and through our social media sites.

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