El Camino Real Charter High School
Absence-Early Release Forms and Procedures


To obtain an absence or early release form, please visit attendance.schoolriver.net

This online portal makes it easy to print absence forms for days/periods your student has been absent and early leave forms ahead of time. You will NOT be able to print absence forms for future dates.


Information you will need:

  • Student ID: Barcode # on Student ID card or Perm ID listed on Aeries
  • Birthday: MM/DD/YYYY format

Step-by-step tutorial: How To: Clear Absence Forms/Early Release Forms


Students returning from an absence must complete an Absence form online at attendance.schoolriver.com (the I.D. number is on the student’s I.D card beneath the barcode) or on campus in your student’s assigned counseling office.  Students have five (5) days to complete the form from the date of the absence.  Any forms brought in after 5 days will be placed in the student’s file, but will not be cleared.  Unresolved absences will be converted into truancies.

Early Release Procedures

Early Release forms can be completed and printed online at: attendance.schoolriver.com (the I.D. number is on the student’s I.D card beneath the barcode) or a release form can be completed on campus in the student’s assigned counseling office. Please bring any early release forms to your student’s assigned counseling office by 8:00 a.m.

We must have parent verification to release students.  We will call the parent/guardian at the primary telephone number on file before 10:00 a.m. If you wish us to call you at a different number, you may write the preferred number on the printed form.  Students will pick up their early leave pass in their counseling office at nutrition.  They must show this pass to their teacher in order to be let out of class.  They will then come to their counseling office to sign out.

Important: If you need to pick your child up unexpectedly, please go to the student’s assigned counseling office.  The student will be summoned to the office where they will sign out and receive their pass to leave.  Please be ready to show a photo ID.  Students will only be released to someone who is listed on their Emergency Contact List or in our SIS.  No Exceptions.


Counseling Office #1  –  Last Name A – K

Counseling Office #2  –  Last Name L – Z




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