El Camino Real Charter High School
Report Card Dates

Report Card Dates

Each semester, progress reports are given at the end of five weeks and at the end of fifteen weeks.  At the ten week mark, a quarterly report card is issued.  Final (20 week) report cards are issued at the end of each semester.  Only the final report cards are mailed home.  The other grade reports can be accessed through the Aeries tab in the Parent Section.

If you do not have an Aeries account, please contact sis@ecrchs.net with the subject line: NEED ACCESS.  Make sure to include your student’s name and birthdate in the email.

Please refer to the following information on report card and progress report availability, but remember that class grades can be accessed at any time through Aeries.

  • Five Week Progress Report: September 15
  • Ten Week Report Card: October 13
  • Fifteen Week Progress Report: November 9
  • Final (20 Week) Report Card: December 18





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