El Camino Real Charter High School
School Safety
School Safety


Keeping your students safe is our primary mission. Students need to feel safe in order to excel at academics, athletics, and activities. To help with this goal, we have the following items in place:

  • We have a LAUSD School Police Officer on campus
  • We have 2 full-time Dean of Students
  • We have over a dozen Campus Safety Officers
  • We practice numerous safety drill throughout the year including Earthquake drills, Lockdown drills, and Fire drills
  • Our Emergency Evacuation Area is the Football Stadium
  • The Emergency Request Gate is on Valley Circle Blvd by the softball field outfield
  • The Emergency Reunion Gate is on Burbank Blvd in between the Tennis Courts and Baseball Field
  • We have procedures in place to prepare for emergencies, for what to do during an emergency, and for handling the aftermath of an emergency
  • Each classroom has an evacuation map posted on the door and has a lockdown kit
  • We have Search and Rescue equipment, emergency supplies, and emergency water in the stadium
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