El Camino Real Charter High School
Welcome Week Counselor Sign Ups
Welcome Week Counselor Sign Ups

Students will be able to make an appointment to see their counselor during Welcome Week beginning Sunday afternoon (7/29).

These are the URLs that students will use to sign up for appointments to see counselors:

Coleman: https://colemanwelcomeweek.youcanbook.me

Appointments will be booked online in 10 minute intervals. Please only sign up for one appointment slot, and only with your counselor. Walk-ins will be taken only upon cancellation of an appointment or if the counselors have an open time period. Please make an appointment online to ensure you are able to speak with a counselor.

Appointments should only be made to discuss one of the following:

  1. Schedule error (missing class, no class scheduled during 2nd period, class level – Honors, etc)
  2. Athletic team (student must provide proof from coach, e.g. email)
  3. Class taken over the summer (for students that took a summer school class, but have that class on their schedule and need to change it)

No teacher changes will be made, nor will changes be made to place students in a different period.

Please also note that counselor breakdown has changed. The new alphabet breakdown is as follows:

Last Name/Program
A – Ch Bero
Ci – Gon + International Students Graham
Goo – Ke + AVID + ESL Paniagua
Kf – M Shano
Na – Ne + IEP Perry
Nf – Sg Yi
Sh – Z Coleman

Monday July 30th: 12th graders
Tuesday July 31st: 11th graders
Wednesday August 1st: 10th graders
Thursday August 2nd: 9th graders**
Friday August 3rd: 9th graders**

**Previously this was split by alphabet, but families with 9th graders are welcome to make an appointment either day.

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